Monthly Archives: December 2009

8. Season’s greetings from the coffeelands

2009-12-25 No Comments

What Santa really needs for Christmas — espresso!

7. Guatemala – Santa Anita celebrates sustainability

2009-12-18 No Comments

Santa Anita de la Union, a community of families of ex-combatants in Guatemala’s 36-year civil war, inaugurated a new ecological wet mill this week.

6. Why does hunger have to be so confusing?

2009-12-11 No Comments

Last week I turned the basic concept of “hunger” into the remote concepts of “availability, access and utilization.” I appreciate why that might seem confusing. But these sub-concepts make it possible to target the specific sources of want with more precision in the design and implementation of anti-hunger initiatives. Here are a few examples of how this is being done in the coffeelands.

5. SCAA program highlights

2009-12-04 No Comments

I have made my pre-conference picks for the highlights of the conference for anyone interested in the intersection between specialty coffee and development: lectures that seem to hold the most promise to illuminate some of the persistent challenges in the coffeelands — and some of the most promising approaches to addressing them. Biggest disappointment: nothing on the agenda about climate change and the threat it poses to specialty coffee.