Monthly Archives: December 2010

117. What are certifications worth in this market?

2010-12-28 Comments

What do current market prices mean for certifications?

116. Merry Christmas from the coffeelands

2010-12-24 No Comments

Merry Christmas from the coffeelands — the 2010 CAFE Livelihoods Christmas card.

115. “The new coffee crisis”

2010-12-21 Comments

Last week I reflected on the implications of current market prices: the good, the bad and the ugly. This week, more comment on the current state of the market, starting with one Fair Trade roaster’s take on what it is calling “The New Coffee Crisis.”

114. “It is going to be ugly”

2010-12-14 Comments

As we move into full harvest season here in Central America, prices are at record highs, putting pressure on cooperatives, importers and roasters. One importer friend offered this blunt assessment: “It is going to be ugly.”

113. More on quality, innovation and risk

2010-12-07 No Comments

Lest someone think the subsidies we are providing to reduce farmer risk are the exclusive domain of development agencies and NGOs that spend other peoples’ money, I want to share some details today about a roaster that has taken a similar approach. Equal Exchange, the pioneering Fair Trade roaster, is paying a farmer organization in El Salvador to implement new post-harvest practices, without regard to cup quality.