Monthly Archives: February 2011

126. A revelation in Nicaragua

2011-02-22 No Comments

CECOSPROCAES, a CRS partner in Nicaragua, has been named the “Revelation Exporter” of the year for 2010. The news that this organization has a promising future is hardly a revelation to us.

125. SCAA 2011: The view from the coffeelands

2011-02-15 Comments

SCAA 2011 preview – the view from the coffeelands.

124. The worst cup of coffee ever brewed

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The sad-but-true story of the worst cup of coffee ever brewed.

123. Preview of coming attractions

2011-02-08 No Comments

The SCAA’s annual Symposium and 23d annual expo are right around the corner.  Both events will screen a new documentary titled “After the Harvest: Hunger in the Coffeelands.”  Get a sneak preview here. A note from the producers: “This film was created, with support from the Coffee Trust and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, to educate […]

122. Don’t take my word for it

2011-02-01 No Comments

I have been suggesting here for the past few years that what is good for smallholder farm families can also be good for business. I don’t think I managed to persuade many people. Now competitiveness guru Michael Porter has succeeded where I have struggled in making a compelling case for investment that goes beyond the traditional goal of generating financial returns.