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137. A glimpse of Nariño

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In my last post I mentioned that we are hiring a director for the Borderlands Coffee Project, which will serve more than 3,000 farmers on both sides of the Colombia-Ecuador border.  Earlier this month, I visited with partners and farmers in a half-dozen communities on the Colombia side as part of our project start-up activities.  […]

136. Borderlands seeking coffee professional

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Our work with smallholder coffee farmers has been focused to date on Central America and Mexico.  Soon, we will be expanding our coffee footprint in the Americas to include the Borderlands Coffee Project in coffee communities on both sides of the Colombia-Ecuador border.  We look forward to sharing here insights from those projects as they […]

135. Resuming transmission from the coffeelands

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The glitch that has had me offline for the past few weeks has finally been resolved.  Thanks, Peter!

134. Technical difficulties in the coffeelands – please stand by

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133. MICHIZA – Making sure its past has a future

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For MICHIZA’s 730 members — indigenous smallholders whose families have been farming coffee for generations — massive renovation is the best way to ensure that their past has a future.

132. Las Colinas – Giving a “going to source” a whole new meaning

2011-03-08 Comments

The Las Colinas cooperative manages natural spring that provides water to thousands of its neighbors. Caring for it is a responsibility that Las Colinas takes seriously.

131. Las Cruces – Making a name for itself

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The Las Cruces cooperative has been farming 190 acres of shade coffee in El Salvador’s premiere origin for over 30 years, but is only now beginning to make a name for itself in the specialty coffee industry. We are pleased to help the cooperative introduce itself here.

130. Coming soon to an SCAA near you

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In the coming days: profiles of farmer organizations participating in our CAFE Livelihoods project, many of which will be participating in this year’s SCAA. Come visit them at booth 441.

129. El Salvador – Parting shots

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Twelve parting shots from my recent travels in El Salvador.

128. Cafeteros

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Portraits of smallholder cooperative leaders in El Salvador.