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188. The CAFE Livelihoods 2010/11 yearbook

2011-07-28 No Comments

Our CAFE Livelihoods project publishes a yearbook just before SCAA each year.  This year, we distributed almost all our copies of the 2010/11 yearbook at our booth on the show floor.  Today, we finally get around to publishing a digital version.  Enjoy!   [issuu viewmode=presentation backgroundcolor=FFFFFF showflipbtn=true documentid=110727172534-63b24cc0e9a94321b06c8994a6374c27 docname=cafe-livelihoods-2010-11-yearbook username=catholicreliefservices loadinginfotext=Cafe%20Livelihoods%202010-11%20Yearbook showhtmllink=true tag=coffee width=600 […]

187. The verdict is in

2011-07-27 No Comments

I have been pestering you for a few weeks now to take the CRS Coffeelands Blog survey, with the promise of sharing the preliminary results once they were available.  Here they are: Most of you are industry professionals who make your living from coffee, followed by people who identified themselves as development professionals, academics and […]

186. How direct is Direct Trade?

2011-07-12 Comments

I posted some questions here in June regarding the standards for communication in Direct Trade.  Today I come back to those specific queries, which are not clearly addressed in the prevailing Direct Trade standards for communication. 

185. Who are you? Why are you here? What do you want?

2011-07-06 No Comments

OK, maybe that headline is a little rude.  But I am trying to grab your attention and get you to take the CRS Coffeelands Blog survey, and this is my last call for responses.  (I promise!) If you can help us answer (more polite versions) of those three basic questions, we think your responses will […]

184. More on Direct Trade standards

2011-07-05 No Comments

A few weeks ago I asked here some searching questions regarding the standard for disclosure in Direct Trade.  I will get back to that issue soon, but first it may be helpful to acknolwedge all the great work already done to establish and communicate clear standards for Direct Trade.