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196. The GCQRI development agenda

2011-08-29 No Comments

The Global Coffee Quality Research Initiative’s (GCQRI) Research Planning committee met in Nicaragua back in April to sketch out a preliminary five-year strategic research plan.  The meeting produced two research agendas — one for coffee supply and another for coffee quality. On the supply side, there are two places where GCQRI and the international development […]

195. 5 de junio at peregrine espresso

2011-08-23 No Comments

I managed to get into Peregrine Espresso‘s new 14th Street location today to try some 5 de junio coffee and see how the café is communicating to its customers its commitment to reinvest in development projects in the communities of 5 de junio’s members.  Both — the coffee and the communication — were swell.  

194. Beautiful things on coffee blogs

2011-08-22 No Comments

Since I started this blog in late 2009, I have been scouring dozens of other coffee blogs and commenting here on narrative content I have found to be informative, persuasive or provocative.  Today, I want to share a few items that are just plain beautiful to behold.

193. Just when things looked like they couldn’t get any better…

2011-08-21 No Comments

…the 5 de junio cooperative in Nicaragua got even more good news.  Peregrine Espresso, the quality-obsessed Washington, DC, coffeehouse started by Counter Culture émigré Ryan Jensen, announced that it will donate $0.25 per cup and $1 per bag of all sales of its 5 de junio coffees — the pulp-natural espresso and single-variety maragoype microlots […]

192. Trusty travel companions

2011-08-15 No Comments

I have been spending a lot of time on the road lately.  I am currently on a three-week tour of CRS coffee programming in Colombia, Ecuador and Nicaragua that so far has included two police roadchecks in Colombia, a stop by an anti-narcotics official while walking across the Colombia-Ecuador border, a fender bender in Managua, […]

191. Still more good news from 5 de junio

2011-08-10 No Comments

Still more good news for our friends at 5 de junio: the cooperative’s maragogype microlot from Counter Culture Coffee earned a 91-point rating from Coffee Review. We are delighted by the cooperative’s hard-earned success and proud to support the good folks of 5 de junio through our CAFE Livelihoods project.

190. New microlots from 5 de junio

2011-08-02 No Comments

Good things continue to come from 5 de junio, a cooperative of determined farmers in the rugged mountains of Madriz in Nicaragua.  Mostly, they are coming via Counter Culture Coffee, which is offering four different coffees from 5 de junio: a special-process single-origin espresso, a single-varietal microlot, an organic lot, and a Swiss Water decaf. […]

189. Exploring a “grey area” in coffee communications

2011-08-01 Comments

I started asking questions a few weeks ago about communication standards among Direct Trade roasters.   My series of posts on this issue did not generate much of a conversation here, but did prompt some very good offline discussion.  One of the best-known and best-regarded roasters in specialty coffee — let’s call this person “Sam” — […]