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285. The mainstreaming paradox

2012-06-28 Comments

Fair Trade USA has dramatically expanded the reach and aggregate impact of Fair Trade by aligning certification requirements more closely with conventional market logic and conventional sourcing practices. In the process, it has reduced the average impact of Fair Trade at the individual level. This is the mainstreaming paradox, and a source of discontent among […]

284. Two, three, many Fair Trades

2012-06-27 Comments

The manager of a Fair Trade coffee cooperative in Central America told me recently that Fair Trade USA’s decision to make estates and independent smallholder farmers eligible for Fair Trade Certification is creating another version of Fair Trade — one that has very little to do with his idea of what Fair Trade is all […]

283. Noteworthy at origin

2012-06-20 No Comments

Today, a roll call of recent developments at origin worthy of note: industry efforts to increase and better measure impact.

282. CRS, FT4All and pilots

2012-06-11 No Comments

This blog has been dominated in recent days by discussion of our involvement with one Fair Trade for All pilot project in Colombia.  But the FT4All pilot is just one of countless new ideas CRS field-tests each year in its work around the world.

281. Feliz cumpleaños, 5 de junio

2012-06-05 No Comments

Today the 5 de junio cooperative celebrates a birthday.  The coop, comprised of some 500 determined farmers in the rugged Nicaraguan highland town of Las Sabanas, was a CRS partner under the CAFE Livelihoods project. Counter Culture is helping to mark the occasion by telling the 5 de junio story and making 5 de junio’s […]

280. CRS is piloting FT4All. Not endorsing it.

2012-06-04 Comments

Last week we announced here that we are getting involved in a Fair Trade for All pilot project with independent smallholder farmers in Nariño, Colombia.  Since then the suggestion has been made, both online and off, that our involvement in the project constitutes an endorsement of the overarching vision behind FT4All.  Today we set the […]