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15. Two hopes for the future

At a recent meeting of the CAFE Livelihoods project team, the project coordinator from Nicaragua, César Castillo, delivered a presentation on effective nursery management titled “Two hopes for the future.”  The title of the presentation was taken from a conversation César had with a group of farmers from the CECOSEMAC cooperative in Matagalpa while they were checking out a coffee nursery created with the support of the project.  The farmers were proud of the progress they had made and optimistic about the impact of the activity on the future of their community.  They told César that their nurseries and their children represented his two hopes for the future of the community.

I haven’t got a photo library of children from the coffeelands, but I do have a growing collection of images taken at the coffee nurseries supported by the project.  Here are some images of coffee nurseries, one of the two great hopes for the future of the coffeelands.

[slidepress gallery=’coffeelands-blog-two-hopes-for-the-future-12-feb-2010′]

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