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36. Hunger in the coffeelands presentation

2010-04-19 Comments Off on 36. Hunger in the coffeelands presentation

A number of people who attended the Hunger in the Coffeelands panel at SCAA on Saturday asked for a copy of my presentation.  Here it is.  After the presentation I went back and typed up some notes, trying my best to remember what I said with each slide.  It is not verbatim, but I think it is pretty close.

My apologies to anyone who followed my posts in the run up to SCAA, when I published a series of posts to preview what I thought I was going to present.  As it turns out, I geeked out a bit in those posts with lots conceptual frameworks and development jargon.  By the time the event rolled around, I had managed to wrestle those detailed posts into less than two dozen simple slides and translated them into (mostly) plain English.