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81. Viva Espresso!

I have been traveling to El Salvador frequently since 2007, but only last week made my first visit to Viva Espresso at the suggestion of someone who knows his way around a shot of espresso.  (Thanks, Stephen!)  I am sorry I didn’t go sooner!  Viva Espresso is easily the best of the growing class of quality-focused cafés serving up good coffee in Central America.

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  • Ben says:

    Thanks for incluiding us in your blog report…are you sure they are the best??? Hahaha…do not think so, of course, I’m Ben from Ben’s Coffee so… But, again, I truly appreciate the mention, and we will wait for you for your next cup of joe in El Salvador! Have a nice day Mike!


    • Ben!

      Thanks for your comment! I look forward to seeing you on my next visit to El Salvador. I think you know I love your coffees, value what you do, and think you have contributed to raising the level of awareness and quality in the national market. Together with folks like Viva Espresso and others, you have grown the market for quality coffee and demonstrated to other actors — notably Starbucks! — that the market for high-value coffees in San Salvador has a future. I think what most impressed me in the case of Viva Espresso was that it has taken the single-serve approach to all its coffee — something that is still only in its early stages even places where folks have been paying lots for differentiated coffees for a long time, like the United States.

      Thanks for the comment and I look forward to my next cup of your Santa Ana natural. Wonderful!


  • Ben says:

    Thank again Mike. Letting apart the competitor fact, I’m agree that every coffee shop that push on salvadorean coffees are doing the right thing. We need people all over the world, especially southern people, to undestand the big value of what they have in their hands. Those people produce the coffee we all loves and enjoy all over the world. Let give it back to them. That’s what Ben’s Coffee try to do, and we will continue to do, stronger than ever before!

    Mike, as you should know, Ben’s Coffee offer the possibility to everybody to have the single coffee they want, cup by cup, farm by farm, region by region, since day one!!!

    I’ll be waiting for your visit, let me know when you’ll come! I’ll be more than happy to receive you and share a cup of coffee with you! Take care,


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