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126. A revelation in Nicaragua

2011-02-22 Comments Off on 126. A revelation in Nicaragua

CECOSPROCAES, a CRS partner organization in Nicaragua, has been named the “Revelation Exporter” of the year for 2010.  APEN, the Producers and Exporters Association of Nicaragua, gives the award annually to the country’s most promising first-time exporter.

We have had the privilege of working in Jinotega with CECOSPROCAES (Central de Cooperativas de Productores de Cafés Especiales) for more than two years under our CAFE Livelihoods project, providing support for the organization as it has renovated its coffee fields, expanded its post-harvest infrastructure, improved the quality of its coffee, begun the organic and Fair Trade certification processes, and made its first-ever exports.  We have been impressed with what we have seen all along and think CECOSPROCAES has a bright future.  So while we were pleased to learn that APEN thinks so, too, it hardly comes as a revelation to us.

Congratulations to our friends at CECOSPROCAES!