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146. Maya Vinic – Life in every sip

2011-04-12 Comments Off on 146. Maya Vinic – Life in every sip

Maya Vinic means Maya Man in Tzotzil, one of the three indigenous languages the organization’s members speak.  Maya Vinic’s members say the cooperative’s name evokes their ancestors and their coffee, which they grow with love and respect for Mother Earth, in the highland forests of Chiapas.

Maya Vinic’s members believe that the extraordinary quality of its coffee is a reflection of both the unique geography of the Chiapas highlands and the hard work of its members.  They believe their coffee is the best way to share with us their respect and gratitude for the bounty of our Mother Earth, their tradition of farming in harmony with their environment. and their desire for a more just world.  That is why they say that there is life in every sip of Maya Vinic coffee.

Name: Maya Vinic

Established: 1999

Members: 498

Location: Acteal, Chiapas

Elevation: 800-1600 m

Volume: 3,429 sacks (69 kg)

Certifications: organic, Fair Trade

Contact: Luis Alvarez, [email protected]

Cupping notes: Sweet caramel from start to finish, with a hint of spice, creamy body and good balance: 85 points (importer).

Maya Vinic’s organic, Fair Trade coffee is available in the United States exclusively through Cooperative Coffees.