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187. The verdict is in

I have been pestering you for a few weeks now to take the CRS Coffeelands Blog survey, with the promise of sharing the preliminary results once they were available.  Here they are:

Most of you are industry professionals who make your living from coffee, followed by people who identified themselves as development professionals, academics and writers.

You tend to visit the blog weekly and prefer content that focuses on the farm and farmer organizations, although there is also some enthusiasm for posts that provide a field-based perspective on the market.

You suggested overwhelmingly that if this blog provides anything unique at all, it is a field-based perspective on the coffee trade.  There were also a few favorable mentions of the blog’s analysis of the coffee trade.

One person asked me to never write anything again about coffee quality.

Finally, you asked me to do more comparative analysis of the impacts of different approaches to sustainability in the coffee trade.  Some were interested orimarily in the impacts at the farm level, while others were more concerned about the competitive benefits for coffee companies that are working to source sustainably.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond.  If you haven’t, take a few minutes to fill it out.  I hope to deliver more of what you want — and less of what you don’t — in the months ahead.


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