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357. Help wanted in Central America: Lead the response to coffee rust

At the conclusions of the First International Coffee Rust Summit in Guatemala last month, the noted coffee agronomist Peter Baker confided to me that he did not think the event answered the most important question: “The Beyoncé Question.”

I was confused.

He elaborated: “It’s a line from one of her songs: ‘Who run this mother?'”

It looks like we will know the answer soon–the UN is hiring a coordinator for the coffee rust emergency response program, and it is moving fast.  Candidates have just a week to submit their applications.

See the terms of reference here.

For more information regarding this opportunity, contact Miguel Gómez, Director of the Regional Unit for Sustainable Rural Development in Central America and the Dominican Republic at


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  • Vera Espindola says:

    Dear Michael,
    Indeed agree with Peter Baker. Although I liked your positive outtake by saying during the Conference that at least we have a general understanding what is the intention and can maybe structure “organizational” approaches under the Promecafe strategy plan. Question is, when we know who the “mother” is, shall we then all rely on this?


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