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363. CRS is hiring in the coffeelands

Since last fall, I have been directing the CRS Borderlands Coffee Project in Colombia and Ecuador.  As I transition into a new role with CRS, I am hiring my replacement.  I will continue to work on the Borderlands project in an advisory role, but we need someone else to lead it.

The successful candidate will live in Quito.  Work with talented staff in Colombia and Ecuador.  Collaborate with researchers from the International Center for Tropical Agriculture to push the frontiers of our understanding of smallholder farming systems.  Coordinate the activities of a small group of committed industry allies to create new opportunities for determined farmers in Nariño, Colombia, and the Northern Amazon in Ecuador.

In Colombia, this means pioneering new approaches to farmer organization and coffee processing and helping develop new channels to market for farmers producing some of the finest high-grown Arabica in the Americas.  In Ecuador, it means helping Robusta farmers insulate themselves from the volatility of commodity-market pricing by exploring emerging markets for quality-differentiated Robusta.

It is an amazing opportunity.

Read the full job description and apply here.



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