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426. CRS seeks coffee professionals in Africa

2014-10-09 Comments Off on 426. CRS seeks coffee professionals in Africa

CRS is seeking coffee professionals for ongoing projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia and Uganda.


CRS is continuing to search for a Chief of Party to lead the Bora Ya Kivu Specialty Coffee Program in the Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  The project, funded jointly by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation and USAID, is creating market-based opportunities in an area previously known less for coffee than relentless armed conflict.   If you speak French, know coffee and have experience managing projects in Africa, this an extraordinary opportunity to help lead the emergence of one of specialty coffee’s most exciting new origins.  (This the same origin that won the 2014 SCAA Sustainability Award and is producing so many superlative coffees that specialty buyers are tripping over each other for access.)  Learn more about this opportunity and apply here.


In Ethiopia, where we are working with cooperatives on a range of collaborative efforts all along the coffee chain, CRS is recruiting qualified volunteers for the following opportunities:

  • Coffee waste management–assess environmental impacts of coffee milling operations and identify possible uses and by-products for coffee waste.
  • Coffee quality improvement–the Kelaltu-Husa-Gola Multipurpose Farmers’ Cooperative (KMFCS) in Abaya/Oromia seeks qualified support for coffee quality improvement.
  • Coffee milling upgrades–provide technical guidance on upgrades to post-harvest coffee processing, with a particular focus on cup quality.  There are three separate volunteer opportunities in Sidama with cooperatives that belong to the Sidama Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Union:
  1. Gidibo and Shecha Multipurpose Farmers’ Cooperative (GSMFC)–Aleta Wondo/Sidama
  2. Kege Multipurpose Farmers’ Cooperative (KMFC)–Dale/Sidama
  3. Waycho Multipurpose Farmers’ Cooperative (WMFC)–Dale/Sidama


In Uganda we have opportunities for two breeders/experts in coffee propagation.

If you apply for any of these opportunities, please tell my colleagues in HQ that you read all about them here on the CRS Coffeelands Blog!