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Colombia Sensory Trial: Re:co Symposium Video and Resource Page

2015-08-11 Comments Off on Colombia Sensory Trial: Re:co Symposium Video and Resource Page

Yesterday our friends at the Specialty Coffee Association of America uploaded this video of my Colombia Sensory Trial presentation to Re:co Symposium in Gothenburg, Sweden, in June.



It was the second time in three months I had the opportunity to deliver to industry leaders the results of our sensory research collaboration with the International Center for Tropical Agriculture, Kansas State University’s Sensory Analysis Center, the World Coffee Research Program at Texas A&M and friends and allies in the specialty coffee community.

(The first time was this talk at the SCAA Symposium in Seattle in April.  If you are interested in watching the lectures, I would suggest watching the Seattle video first then the one from Gothenburg.)

It was almost two full years ago when we first started discussing the possibility of conducting sensory research on Colombian coffee varieties in connection with our Borderlands project in Nariño, and we continue to analyze the results of the Trial in anticipation of publishing a final report here this fall.

Meantime, we have launched a dedicated Colombia Sensory Trial page on the Coffeelands blog that consolidates in one convenient place all the content on the Trial we have published here over the past two years. In the coming months, we will post here the Trial’s final report, datasets for researchers who wish to crunch the numbers themselves and other related content.