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Burying Seeds

2016-12-01 Comments Off on Burying Seeds

I’ve been on the road – now back to work – and back to Coffeelands. A lot happened in November, which got me thinking about purpose and mission.

Today a friend sent this quote, and I like it for a lot of reasons. I think about campesinos toiling. And about Monseñor Romero, Rutilio Grande, and Stanley Rother. There are a lot of layers to this simple quote, which would be worth sharing over coffee.

They Tried to Bury Us

I went online to find the source of this quote. Most refer to this as a “Mexican Proverb”, and the original quote seems to have originated in social movements in recent decades.

Ultimately, for me the quote gets down to character, in ways that David Brooks has written about in recent years. Humility bursting with love, passion, and potential.

— paul hicks @grok_water