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Dan is the Program Manager for CRS´ Agriculture & Livelihoods portfolio in Guatemala and Mexico. Dan graduated with a BA from McGill and a Master´s in Sustainable Development Practice at the University of Florida. Every year, he harvests, processes, and roasts a batch of his father-in-law´s coffee from a farm in Santa Rosa, Guatemala.

A Case of Two Coffeelands and an Unexpected Conclusion

Although the Mesoamerican Coffeelands (Central America and Southern Mexico) are a relatively compact geographical region, they contain a diversity of coffee production systems—agroecologically and organizationally. CRS has ongoing programming with community groups in Oaxaca (one of whom, SICOBI, will be highlighted in a subsequent post), farmer groups in San Marcos, and groups in Zacapa and […]

Analyzing Farm Profitability: Land Equivalency Ratio and Gross Profit

To address the drivers of migration- debt/prices and climate pressures- highlighted in the last post, we need to consistently seek to gain a deeper understanding of farmer livelihoods. CRS used the Land Equivalency Ratio tool during the last agricultural cycle to analyze the economics of coffee-based agroforestry systems in San Marcos, Guatemala. Land Equivalency Ratio […]