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131. Las Cruces – Making a name for itself

2011-03-03 Comments Off on 131. Las Cruces – Making a name for itself

The Las Cruces cooperative has been farming 190 acres of shade coffee in El Salvador’s premiere origin for over 30 years, but is only now beginning to make a name for itself in the specialty coffee industry. We are pleased to help the cooperative introduce itself here.

127. Learning to fly

2011-03-01 Comments Off on 127. Learning to fly

Throughout Central America, thousands of smallholder farmers who were brought up in coffee as workers on large coffee estates have taken the reins of those farms and are running them as cooperative businesses. In some cases, cooperatives are still learning to fly on their own even 30 years after they formed.

38. The Juan Ana Coffee Project

2010-04-23 Comments Off on 38. The Juan Ana Coffee Project

The Juan Ana Coffee project in San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala, is beautiful in more ways than you can count, beginning with its name.  “Juan” was John, the late father of Fr. Gregory Shaffer, pastor of the San Lucas Mission for the past 45 years.  “Ana” was Ann, Fr. Greg’s mother.  They both passed away at […]

37. The San Lucas Mission

2010-04-21 Comments Off on 37. The San Lucas Mission

In San Lucas Tolimán, on the shores of the breathtaking Lake Atitlán, there is a very special mission parish, led by a very special priest — Father Greg Schaffer of the Diocese of New Ulm, Minnesota, known affectionately here as Padre Gregorio. It is so special, we decided to have our son George baptized there.