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370. Don’t call it a comeback

In my last post, I turned the lights out at the CRS Coffeelands Blog with a resolution to do more and write less.  As it turns out, doing and writing aren’t as incompatible as I thought.  In fact, they can be mutually reinforcing.  The writing on this blog that sparked conversation in the past–some online, […]

368. The end

Today I am bringing the CRS Coffeelands Blog to an end. Other, more influential coffee blogs have already gone dark, and many of the sentiments their authors conveyed in their farewell posts resonate deeply with me: it has been great fun; it has been more work than I expected; the digital echo chamber can be […]

357. Help wanted in Central America: Lead the response to coffee rust

At the conclusions of the First International Coffee Rust Summit in Guatemala last month, the noted coffee agronomist Peter Baker confided to me that he did not think the event answered the most important question: “The Beyoncé Question.” I was confused. He elaborated: “It’s a line from one of her songs: ‘Who run this mother?’” […]

339. The Coffeelands Portrait Project, #2

On our Borderlands Coffee Project, we are working with more than 3,000 smallholder coffee farmers in the Andean highlands of Nariño in Colombia and the steamy Amazon lowlands of northern Ecuador.  The area in Ecuador where the project is working is a source of endless cultural fascination for me, home to three distinct groups of […]

335. Introducing The Coffeelands Portrait Project

CRS works with more than 35,000 smallholder coffee farmers in 12 countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas.  The Coffeelands Portrait Project will introduce you to some of them.  Today’s post explains the project’s origins and approach; today’s inaugural gallery features 10 gorgeous portraits of farmers participating in our Borderlands Coffee Project in Colombia.

276. A light goes out in Guatemala

A light that burned brightly for nearly 50 years on the shores of Lake Atitlán in Guatemala has gone dark: Fr. Greg Schaffer of the Diocese of New Ulm, Minnesota, died last week.  During nearly a half-century of committed ministry, Fr. Greg accompanied the mostly indigenous community of San Lucas Tolimán through a painful civil […]