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351. “The crisis is in 2014.”

CRS is collecting data from smallholder farmers in Central America on the impacts of coffee rust.  So far we have gathered information from 13 cooperatives with more than 6,800 members.  I presented some of the preliminary results yesterday at the coffee rust summit here in Guatemala.  They were not encouraging: production is down by 31 […]

350. Reflections on the c-word

CRS began working in coffee just over 10 years ago in response to a crisis.  Today the coffee sector finds itself coping with another crisis.  As I prepare for four days of meetings here in Guatemala to plan a coordinated response to the coffee rust epidemic in Central America, I try to remember that challenges […]

349. Coffee rust: Central America’s official plan of attack

This afternoon I will travel to Guatemala City to participate in four days of discussions around coffee rust convened by World Coffee Research and PROMECAFE, a network of national coffee programs in Central America and the Caribbean.  The objective of the meeting is to develop a more detailed strategy for responding to the coffee rust […]