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2015-07-14 Comments Off on Inconceivable!

In my family, the 1987 film “The Princess Bride” is something of a tradition. I showed it to our kids early (perhaps too early for the younger ones) and we watch it often. For better or worse, references to its many memorable lines now punctuate conversations in our house. But there is one trope in […]

245. Coffee, impact and “Big Data”

2012-02-20 Comments Off on 245. Coffee, impact and “Big Data”

Recent discussions here on the topic of assessing impact at origin have mapped into broader currents of conversation within the specialty coffee industry and society at large about how increasing data flows affect our day-to-day decision-making.  Or don’t.

167. Throwing haymakers at Fair Trade

2011-05-18 Comments Off on 167. Throwing haymakers at Fair Trade

World Fair Trade Day is observed every year on the second Saturday of May.  Historically, it has been a time to educate consumers about the impacts of their consumer habits, motivate them to make socially responsible choices and celebrate the developmental advances of Fair Trade.  This year, it was the occasion for something else — […]