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A reflection on harvest and coffee pickers

2015-11-09 Comments Off on A reflection on harvest and coffee pickers

I recently read the NPR story about apple pickers in Pennsylvania. The piece made me reflect on the larger idea of “the harvest” and contrasted it to the physical acts of harvesting.  The harvest represents the culmination of a season’s worth of work and investment (but also a bit of fortune having nature cooperate and […]

104. “Post-production”

2010-11-02 Comments Off on 104. “Post-production”

Since its creation nearly a year ago, this has been a humble blog with modest aims.  But today, I am making a radical proposal: do away once-and-for-all with the term “post-harvest” in discussions of the coffee chain, and replace it with a new term.  A term that borrows from the lexicon of radio, TV and […]