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How healthy soils lead to great coffee

At the RENACER coffee school, we promote sustainable farming practices that are proven to increase yields, and we train farmers how to select coffee for quality. All this has led to increased incomes for farmers. Double the yields and double the price, and we quadruple incomes for many farmers.  From experience, we know that healthy trees produce […]

The Unique Challenges of Investing in Agriculture

Agriculture and trade & finance have a necessary but strained relationship. This is not surprising since trade and finance are often dynamic, short-cycle, growth-oriented ventures, whereas, farming the land to produce food, fiber, and fuel is an arduous labor, seeking incremental gains, requiring patience, and a humble acceptance that the next drought, pest outbreak or […]

Industry Initiative: The Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide

‘Why is the specialty coffee price set to the C price and the not cost of production?’ The  role of the C price, the coffee commodity price used as a  global benchmark,,, has been the subject of much debate for the coffee industry, especially in Specialty Coffee circles. Coffeelands itself has dedicated much ink to the issues […]