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  • Scott Brant says:

    Hi Michael;

    I’ve been trolling through your blog archives as a two part personal exploration of the writings of Michael Scheridan and to follow the discussions on the topics presented. What a resource it would be to have your blog posts and comments available in one lonnng pdf. But that’s another subject.

    First, I don’t know that comments on blog posts from 4 years ago will pop up on your screen and if not I’ll contact you in another way.

    Specifically, I’m interested in the results of this mushroom workshop. Do you know of any participants that actually moved forward with the idea of mushrooms as food supplement and income potential.

    I’m a mushroom fan. So the subject has personal interests and at the same time I know that there should be/could be real potential on many levels of the coffee community of interest in mushroom cultivation. The link to the Green Mountain report was expired and I’ll try looking elsewhere but if you can point me in a current direction I would appreciate it.

    This subject is the kind of thing I could see the Coffeelands Foundation supporting.

    Forgive me if subsequent blogs address this. I’m still back in 2010!

    I am contacting Chido Govera on another track so I’m aware of the inspiring work she is doing.


    Scott Brant for the Coffeelands Foundation

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