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Celebrating the public launch of the Spanish language Water Smart Agriculture blog by CRS – Agua Verde

2017-08-02 Comments Off on Celebrating the public launch of the Spanish language Water Smart Agriculture blog by CRS – Agua Verde

AguaVerde – a Spanish language resource for Water Smart Agriculture.

One of the biggest deficiencies of the Coffeelands blog is that we have only published in English to a broad, sector wide audience.  We here at the blog report, analyze and opine on issues relevant to origin (with a very Latin-American centric perspective due to where we are all based); yet when these same discussions could help inform the sector here in Latin America, we have been limited to translating single pieces and then circulate it informally throughout specific networks.  It’s a subpar solution to a larger problem and we here at the blog HQ have tried to figure out how we can keep the flow of the blog and not spam all our listserve recipients with 2 copies of the same post.

We have a solution now that gets us 80% of the way there.  I’d like to share with Coffeelands readers a key resource – the Agua Verde page, ( a Spanish language blog that focuses on water smart agriculture – from techniques, science, practices and policies.  The blog highlights approaches that help improve productivity, restore soil resources and maximizes water use efficiency in rainfed crops throughout Central America and Mexico.  The efficient use of these limiting resources is key to continue to supply food to a growing population both in and outside of the region.  We know we are not the only ones working on this – therefore this platform focuses on the techniques, ideas and approaches that work and we invite all who would like to join the conversation, to share ideas and propose solutions to please contribute to the discussion.

What’s this have to do with coffee? Coffee is arguably one of the most important (maize and beans are up there!) and valuable rainfed crops in the region, and to this end, several key Coffeelands posts from the previous 18 months have already been translated and posted on Agua Verde.  All future relevant content from Coffeelands will be translated and cross posted to Agua Verde in 1-2 weeks following the original post.  We hope that our Spanish speaking readers check out the blog and share it widely with their networks.

Here is a good start for your exploration:

Kraig H. Kraft