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271. Counter Culture microlot research update

2012-05-16 Comments Off on 271. Counter Culture microlot research update

With apologies for the delay: Counter Culture Coffee has published the full report from its groundbreaking study “The Social Impact of Microlots.”

Milestones and more related content from the CRS Coffeelands Blog:

  • May 2011.  Counter Culture commissions research into the social impact of microlots in its supply chain.
  • 21 April 2012.  Counter Culture releases its study The Social Impact of Microlots and presents it to 2012 SCAA Expo audience.  The report cites at length both of the CRS Coffeelands Blog discussions mentioned above.  CRS publishes this interview with Counter Culture Sustainability Manager Kim Elena Ionescu, who directed the study, and this review of the report.